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who or what is bckgrnd?
Verb Collection by bckgrnd.

Thanks to the NFT space, we all have awesome profile pictures. Let's have awesome backgrounds for them too. This first collection, verbs, is a deflationary collection of 6000 NFTs that seeks to create excitement with game theory mechanics that have not been seen before. The project will focus on benefiting mental health initiatives and will give players the ability to help themselves or someone they know with mental health professionals who are part of our community.

Make sure to visit all the pages of this website to understand the full experience we are looking to create for the community who loves generative art.

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Artist and Developer
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Road map
6 Stage Drop

Each stage represents a language. Once a stage sells out, the next one is announced. After all 6 stages are complete, the burn event will be announced.

Burn (2 Verbs)

The collection will become deflationary as you will now get the option to burn two tokens for a 2 Verb NFT. Think carefully about your next steps.


The bckgrnd team will team up with amazing artists to release free (+ Gas) drops to all holders. All holders will receive an NFT from our future projects.

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No whitelist. No FUD. No hype.
Let's tackle
mental health.
After sell-out, every verb NFT sold will donate a percentage of royalties from ALL secondary market sales to organizations battling mental health issues.
coming soon
Upgrade your bckgrnd.

Upgrade your bckgrnd by burning your tokens. To "level up" to 2 Verbs, you need 2 tokens and combine them. You can combine a total of 6 Verbs.

1 Verb
1 Verb
2 Verbs

The deflationary mechanism will begin in an event after sell-out, potentially reducing the supply from 6000, to 1000. This event will be available forever until every 1 Verb is burned.