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What is bckgrnd?

bckgrnd is a project management team that works with artists to create meaningful projects in the web3 space. This first collection, verbs, is a deflationary collection of 6000 NFTs that seeks to create excitement with game theory mechanics that have not been seen before.

The project will focus on benefiting mental health initiatives and will give players the ability to help themselves or someone they know with mental health professionals who are part of our community. The bckgrnd holders can participate in burns, airdrops, community events, and more.

The Verb Collection. To combine, or not to combine. That is the question.
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What are the NFTS?
6 LANGUAGES on 6000 bckgrnd's.

The collection will have 1000 verbs in 6 languages, totaling 6000 NFTs. These are just our 1 Verb Tokens.


950 English 1 Verb Tokens.

common (2400 NFT's)

950 Spanish 1 Verb Tokens.

uncommon (1800 NFT's)

950 Italian 1 Verb Tokens.

rare (1200 NFT's)

950 Japanese 1 Verb Tokens.

ultra rare (360 NFT's)

950 Chinese 1 Verb Tokens.

special (180 NFT's)

950 French 1 Verb Tokens.

unique (60 NFT's)

300 ??? 1 Verb Tokens.

What are we playing?
Game Theory?

Game theory studies interactive decision-making, where the outcome for each participant or "player" depends on the actions of all. ... If you are a player in such a game, when choosing your course of action or "strategy" you must take into account the choices of others.

road Map

Currently, there are 1000 verbs in 6 languages. 1 Verb is our "vanilla" entry NFT. 2 Verbs is a Combination of TWO 1 Verb NFTs. To "level up" you need to burn your tokens forever.

Will a 3 Verb Combination be more scarce than 1 Verb or a 2 Verb Combination? Will 1 Verb have benefits other Combinations don’t? Will 1 Verb get even more valuable as a new road map favors them over Combinations? Will having a full set "un-burned" benefit in anyway? Only time will tell. Or will it?

Game theory
is the most incredible and fun part of this project. A full burn could never happen as the community decides what "Combination" is more valuable as the supply is constantly reduced. One thing is clear, getting to a "full set combination" of just ONE verb in all 6 languages will NOT be easy and in some cases impossible.

How is this made?
Generative art created with Processing.

We want to be fully transparent about the creation of bckgrnd. Using Processing, we created a simple sketch with not so simple random elements to make completely unique NFTs with an unlimited array of colors inside a spectrum. Assuring no token is equal to another.

When can i mint?

We are working hard on getting the word out and creating a community first. The last steps to ensure a smooth event are getting worked on right now.

What's the mint price?

0.06 ETH + Gas.

why 6 stages?

Apart from making this a unique experience, we want to make sure people from all time-zones are included in each stage.

Are any Languages more important than other?

No, this will totally be up to the community. As time goes by, the supply of some languages might be larger than others.

any Royalty Costs?

5%. All funds will help create a better experience for the community. The royalties will be split between the bckgrnd team and the Mental Health Organization. Upon Sell-Out, it will all be transparent.

how does the burn work?

You can burn any verb in any language or rarity to combine them with other verbs in any language or rarity. There is a 7th "language" tier that can be combined with any other language too, but only 6 can be chosen for a complete combination.

What mental health organizations are you working with?

We are currently in talks with different organizations. Once we have a partnership signed we will share with our community members.

Any Downloadable content?

Editable PDF files will be available for download in the future from this website.

what is the size of the art works?

3000 x 1500

What does a 6 Verb Combination look like?

Hum... Time will tell...

What is the end game?
Let's Talk
Mental Health

Most young investors and artists in the crypto world are experiencing a lot of ups and downs. All of these artists will potentially be part of a historic shift in how digital ownership is viewed. Huge communities are created around buying digital collectables that give certain perks to the owners. Selling these digital collectables generate royalties every time one is sold.

road Map

A percentage of profits and royalties from the bckgrnd collections will be used to help mental health organizations. Mental health organizations will help our community have the right resources and have a direct line to professionals.

You don't have to own a bckgrnd NFT to to seek out help or talk to someone. Owning a bckgrnd NFT will grant you an opportunity to help someone they love in a more personalized way.

While mental health is more widely discussed than ever before, there is still a stigma around the topic. Sometimes, this means that people don't feel like they can ask for help. If you're struggling and want to talk about it, there are options.

If you're struggling with depression or anxiety, it's worth remembering that you're not alone. In fact, an estimated one in four people will experience some sort of mental health problem in their lifetime.

Who made this?
Meet the bckgrnd team.
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